We design spaces that have positive effect on well being and health of user, SPA, healthcare facilities. We invite you to cooperation.

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“Social consultations were carried out with sensitivity and manners, as well as the full involvement of the team. The conclusions of the report on the public consultation have been used in the space layout and interior design.”

“The design team Czachor Studio has demonstrated openness, creativity in terms of the proposed design details including a theater hall, memorial hall Rozewicz brothers or space for children. The solutions are innovative and adapted for people with disabilities, we hope to stimulate the creativity of children, as well as active citizen participation in the activities of the Municipal House of Culture. ”

Director of the Municipal Culture House in Radomsku Elżbieta Kwiatkowska


“Clinic Salve designed by Studio Czachor raises the standards for medical facilities .
We have created a place where the most important thing is the satisfaction of the patient and the ergonomics of the services provided by medical personnel.
It was possible with full involvement of the project team Czachor Studio in the process of design and construction and experience in designing medical function .”

“Currently, we use the services of the studio in constructing new building of Salve clinics . ”

Director of Administration and Management, Michał Lech


” Documentation is characterized by accuracy and detailed design of the technical terms .
The proposed solutions functional and technical specifications has met our expectations.
The cooperation project was proceeded in a friendly atmosphere. ”

Director of   Specialist  hospital Nicolaus Copernicus in Lodz , Wojciech Szrajber
Director’s Administration, Project Implementation  Magdalena  Janus-Hibner

“Cooperation with the architectural studio Czachor Studio contributed to the construction by  Budimex friendly user oncology department, forming part of a coherent system of visual identification of the entire Regional Oncological Center, conducive to the efficient functioning of the staff and patients. Good communication with the investor, creative design solutions addressing the needs of the investor contributed to the smooth progress of the construction process. ”

Contract Manager Dominik Urbański  BUDIMEX SA


” Mrs. Marta Czachorowską we can recommend as a reliable contractor for the project”

Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery prof . med . Jacek Moll


” Mrs. Marta Czachorowska has demonstrated unprecedented in my professional life meticulousness and commitment in solving current problems at the site. It is a creative person and flexible in the design changes made during implementation. It is characterized by incredible kindness and high personal culture .
Mrs.  Marta Czachorowska I can recommend as a reliable and credible partner that can absolutely recommend the implementation of a similar nature . ”

Site Manager , BGR BAU , Mrs. Katarzyna Zuchmanska


“Architect Marta Czachorowska done architectural design, technology design, Intensive Care hospital department in  Specialist  hospital Nicolaus Copernicus in Lodz,  1000m2 .

Documentation is characterized by accuracy and detailed design of the technical and functional field. The proposed  functional and technical solutions have met our expectations. Solution was agreed at each stage with the user and as a result the plan is ergonomic for staff and patients ”


Director for Administration and Technology, Specialist  hospital Nicolaus Copernicus, Mr. Andrzej Kasprzyk


” Architect Marta Czachorowska done architectural design , technology design , interior design , and also supervised the rebuilding of a fragment of gynecological ward and the intensive care unit and neonatal pathology.

Ms. Marta Czachorowska we can recommend as a reliable contractor for the project . ”

W.S.SZ.im.M.Pirogowa director , Dr. n.med . Bogdan Bocian



“With all the conviction I recommend Mrs. Marta Czachorowska as involved, solid and reliable designer. The scope of cooperation with Ms. Marta Czachorowską included design work from concept competition, through construction projects, to the designs of multi-discipline among the Oncology Centre in Poznan,  hospital Jonscher in Lodz , Rehabilitation  in Plonsk, the Hospital Emergency ward in Ciechanow , vascular Radiology in Kutno.

Cooperation at every stage has been successful. ”

arch . Janusz Wyznikiewicz