Operating theater

The design task was to create an operating room in pediatric hospital that is a patient-friendly and doctor- friendly.
We have designed a large glazing (unopened, so-called magnetic glass) that gives comfort to surgeons operating up to 12 hours, and above all to patients who have no general anesthesia and can see nature before surgery.
Because it is a children’s hospital, it is important that a small patient just before the general anesthesia has visual contact with the family – thus ensuring glazing in the family waiting area. The glazing after the initial phase of anesthesia becomes frosted, not opaque. The parental area to break the hospital atmosphere is lined with wood but is tightly separated from the operating room, which is technical and sterile. In the room interior design we used elements of medical copper, for which the background is white and gray. Medical anti-microbial copper is applied to the elements that can be touched by the staff.

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