Revitalization of the waterfront in Mikołajki, second place in competition

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded second place in the competition `Revitalisation of the waterfront in Mikołajki’

Comment of the Jury:

“The award was given for trying to achieve a unified expression for the area designated in the competition, based on the original interpretation of the spirit of place and local traditions.While maintained an intimate scale, the proposal ensures the availability of berth to all, without the unnecessary differences in levels, with a spectacular and welcoming diversity of ground materials. The zone of contact with water of the lake was paved in wood which offers a nice environment for mooring and a pleasant place of relaxation for tourists. (…)
Thought of the user program for both locals as well as athletes and tourists, including all age groups. Offering recreational facilities in intriguing places.”

Team members : Marta Czachorowska, Anna Orłowska, Maja Klimkiewicz, Katarzyna Romanowicz, Justin Wong.