Institute for Mother’s Memorial Hospital

Institute for Mother’s Memorial Hospital, cardiac surgery for children.
The project included the creation of a hybrid surgery room (angiography) for pediatric cardiac surgery, and intensive care room for children.
Rebuilding the surgery unit was under the supervision of the architect Janusz Wyznikiewicz – the author of the original project of the hospital Mother’s Memorial Hospital, one of the most beautiful hospitals in Poland from that period.

” Mrs. Marta Czachorowską we can recommend as a reliable contractor for the project”

Head of the Department of Cardiac Surgery

prof . med . Jacek Moll

” Mrs. Marta Czachorowska has demonstrated unprecedented in my professional life meticulousness and commitment in solving current problems at the site. It is a creative person and flexible in the design changes made during implementation. It is characterized by incredible kindness and high personal culture .
Mrs. Marta Czachorowska I can recommend as a reliable and credible partner that can absolutely recommend the implementation of a similar nature . ”

Site Manager , BGR BAU , Mrs. Katarzyna Zuchmanska

KlientInstitute for Mother's Memorial