About building in the radio is talking  architect Mark Diehl, (board member of the Polish Association of Architects). In archival photos from the construction site can be seen the context of the neighboring residential building. The history is described in the recording.

Salve Private Clinic

Health Clinic located in Lodz.
The building is intended to correspond with the brand Salve
– private health clinics .
Colours of the brand are granate and orange, white .
It determined the adoption of the color to the facade and the interior design .
Clinic includes rehabilitation, diagnostic imaging ( X-ray, ultrasound ) , pharmacy , endoscopy , ophthalmology and gynecology clinics , school childbirth.

“Clinic Salve designed by Studio Czachor raises the standards for medical facilities .
We have created a place where the most important thing is the satisfaction of the patient and the ergonomics of the services provided by medical personnel.
It was possible with full involvement of the project team Czachor Studio in the process of design and construction and experience in designing medical function .”

“Currently, we use the services of the studio in constructing new building of Salve clinics . ”

Director of Administration and Management, Michał Lech

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