Few words about designing healthcare facilities in China. 

This contact we can have thanks to chinesee students that are attending at University in Lodz. Xueqi Wu, Mingxiao Huang – thanks for widespread our horizons, by showing us the different point of view.

Hospital ward

It seems that one of the most important factors in Chinese hospital buildings is general ward “environment”. On each ward and floor, there is a reception desk, and there are there are relevant marks at each entrance or each department, diverse in color, number, signs. That helps to create a not scary atmosphere.

According to our source, it is ok to add some nature elements which can improve the mood of the patients, but only when it is proper.

Another thing there is patients room: there should be some cabinets and a TV, the space should be simple and comfortable. There should be not more than 3 patients in one room.

Children in hospital

In children ward, it is important to make a comfortable atmosphere, and accompany with the parent, what can diminish children’s fear of diagnostic and treatment. Very important is also disperse their attention.Children attention can be focused on games, interesting scenography, but not on a medical procedure.

Hospital building structure

Some hospitals have separate internal and surgical building and there is separate department inside. Some hospitals have one building and all departments are inside.

Emergency has its own surgery room and diagnostic or near emergency room there is general surgery and diagnostic also for all hospital.

There should be a small operating room near the emergency room, there is one in the hospital where our speaker has an internship.

In surgery room windows are not a necessary element.

Food in hospitals

The staffs in restaurants wear cooker’s uniform but the kitchen is normal.

I don’t suggest normal persons have dinner with the patients

Unique in China hospitals, medicine

What is unique in China hospitals, medicine that what we can learn in Europe is that in traditional Chinese medicine, you can diagnose diseases through acupuncture procedure.