Few words about the design of rehabilitation facilities.

Rehabilitation facilities are buildings belonging to health care facilities, so they are subject to sanitary and health and safety regulations concerning health care facilities. They can have, on condition, some alteration form health care facilities.

Popular rehabilitation facilities are: kinesitherapy or physical therapy, physiotherapy such as electromagnetic therapy rooms, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy.

In the kinesiotherapy, the popular device is the UGUL, the Universal Rehabilitation Medicine Cabinet – a mesh box that allows flexible adaptation of rehabilitation equipment to the patient, as well as bicycles.

It is worth thinking about a rest room after treatment for patients.

Rehabilitation should also be equipped with diagnostic equipment, which will allow you to choose a set of procedures, such as USG.

Very important element is good ventilation and optimum temperature, good acoustics, which affects patient comfort.

Interior elements should support rehabilitation, such as floor covering, allowing for stable exercise and movement of the patient.

It is worth combining a rehabilitation ward with wellness facilities, a SPA and a surgical ward. The main purpose of the rehabilitation unit is to restore the patient’s mobility as quickly as possible.

Everyday, it is worth doing rehabilitation in the office, on the desk, chairs or balls – the seats.